Gorilla Speaks

Gorilla Speaks – A Gorilla Resource – For Gorilla conservation

Welcome to Gorilla Speaks!! This resource aims at creating awareness about the gorillas and their conservation for both present and future generations. Learn about gorillas, the national parks and their natural habitat, gorilla tourism and more.

Gorilla Conservation

To all you gorilla lovers who found this website, thank you so much for coming in and thank you for trying and caring.  The numbers are us.  We just need to put them together with dollars or bamboo shoots or whatever.  We need to put them together with gorillas.  Then the gorillas will be OK. Go look at gorilla speak.  look at the cards.

Lemme know what you think

Why We need to Conserve Gorillas

Take five seconds out of everyday to think about gorillas.  count with me now… “gorilla, gorilla, gorilla, gorilla, gor…”     see?!?!  that only took five seconds, and you didn’t even have to think the whole word “gorilla” the fifth time.  easy.  we can do this. now. everyday, ok? Alright? ok?!  Alright.  ok.  everything is going to be ok.

Come back and check with us often!

I’m determined to save gorillas, and to change and add to this site every month.  there will be a super info hiway to gorilla awareness.  gorfacts.  pictures that will tear your heart out (figuratively gorilla speaking) and new stuff that you probably never imagined existed.

links! links!! links!!!  we’ve got links to other great gorilla stuff that’s free to look at…

And pics! pics!! pics!!!  You’ll never be able to see all the gorilla pictures in the world until you’ve tried!!!

I want you to know that Gorilla speak is a non profit website.  All proceeds go to the gorilla conservation.

Saving The Gorillas

We can save gorillas!! Wow!!! If you would like to get involved personally, discuss gorillas, send in your own contribution, maybe about your feelings about gorillas, or if you have a “gorilla experience” you’d like to share or if you just want to “cyber-spit” at me, feel free to email me at info@gorillaspeak.com.

News & Updates

This page is where you will find new information about my web site, about gorillas, and the gorilla environment. Each month I will have new postings to keep you abreast of all the happenings in the gorilla world.