Again with the arguing and logic!

All these ideas are, of course, optional.     your Choice.

you may rest your mind at ease by donating your generous check of $2.575 each and every other year to save the gorillas in care of  It is my mission in my life to relay any and all donations to the gorilla conservation cause.  this way, you don’t have to worry about how and where you need to go to save gorillas.  consider it done… with receipts.
you may ask yourself, “why do I want to save gorillas?”  maybe it’s just for the same reason you want to save your own child, or your favorite grandma, or maybe even yourself.  it’s a simple matter of the preservation of life.  it’s the right thing to do.                     Dontcha think?

This is the endeavor that I have undertaken; to enlist the humans of this earth, the only saviors of the future of gorillas, to give just a tiny piece of themselves to ensure that generations to come may enjoy the gift of life.  life for our children.  life for gorillas.

Besides, I just feel so much better knowing there are gorillas out there