“Green Heart” Trilogy on world’s tropical forests out now!

Steve Taylor in Borneo Tropical rain forests are home to more than half the world’s species and play a crucial role in maintaining the health of our planet and the stability of our climate through the ecosystem services they provide. Independent filmmaker Steve Taylor has traveled across Africa, Amazonia and Borneo to explore first-hand the complex issues of deforestation and degradation. The first two in a trilogy of films about tropical forests and the people and wildlife who depend on them are now available. The Year of the Gorilla campaign, alongside others, supported the making of these films and is happy to announce their completion.

Africa’s Green Heart takes us from the slums and diamond pits of Sierra Leone to the depths of the Congo Basin. Dramatic film of bushmeat hunters and life on Congo riverboats contrast with rare gorilla behaviour and moving interviews with forest communities, loggers and conservationists. Latin America’s Green Heart documents life in the Amazon Basin, from melting glaciers in the Andes to the lush rainforests and boom-towns of Peru and Brazil. A shaman explains the medicinal uses of plants, contrasting with the drivers of deforestation – cattle ranching and soy farming. The third part, Asia’s Disappearing Green Heart, focuses on the devastating forest losses in South East Asia, which are driven especially by timber felling and the creation of gigantic plantations for the production of palm oil. It will be completed this week and will also become available for purchase soon. YoG Ambassador Ian Redmond opined: ”These beautiful, thought provoking films are both an educational resource and a call to action to ensure the forests survive.”

To find out more about Steve’s exciting journeys and the movies, please go to his website www.greenheartfilm.com

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